Monday, March 13, 2023

My Story #114 Pastor Ronnie Wolfe RIDING IN THE BACK SEAT


My Story #114

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe


Sometimes some of us in the quartet would travel together to a revival meeting.

Once we were riding in Bobby Lakes' brand new Buick. I rode in the back seat, and for some reason I got sick at my stomach. I was so sick that I felt I was going to vomit. Before we had time to stop the car, I vomited in the floorboard of Bobby's brand new car. He has never let me forget this, and I don't blame him. 


Monday, February 20, 2023

My Story #112 -- Almost 60 Years


My Story #112

Almost 60 Years
Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

Bro. Bob Jones and I have been singing and preaching together since 1962. The year 2022 marked 60 years. That is a long time, but it is satisfying that God have us this time to do his work.

We never know how long the Lord will keep us going and doing; it has been worth every joy, every effort, every heartache, and every blessing along the way. May God be praised for his great blessings.

For the second group (since 1967), it has been almost 60 years: heading there fast. We have enjoyed the journey.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

My Story #111 Back To 1st Quartet for a Minute


My Story #111

Back To 1st Quartet for a Minute
Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

One year the quartet went to Florida for a series of meetings. We stayed in a very nice motel, more like a suite rather than just a room.

We were near the ocean, and we enjoyed viewing the beauty scenery and the warm weather.

Bro. Demas Brubacher told me that I could not come this close to the ocean without getting into it.

So, I took off my shoes and braces, and Demas carried me all the way from the motel, down the beach, to the ocean and put me in the water. So, I swam (?) with the boys in the ocean. We also had some wonderful services in church.

Monday, February 6, 2023

My Story #110 -- Early Travels of 2nd Group


My Story #110

Early Travels of 2nd Group -- February 6, 2023

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

Sometimes the quartet would get the opportunity to go on a revival circuit, which means that we would leave our homes and go to a state and stay there for one or two weeks, traveling and singing and preaching to a few churches during that time. We always enjoyed the fellowship, not only in churches services but also sometimes during the week, getting together with some of the folks from the church or perhaps enjoying a meal and fellowship in a member's home. These were wonderful days.


I still cannot walk on my crutches with much assurance, but I am planning to be back at church before much longer. I am praying that God will allow me to pastor the church for a few more years.

I can drive my car all right; it is just hard for me to get from the wheelchair into the car. Once that is mastered, I will be able to drive again. We are working on these things. I really miss being at church, and I am sure God will allow me to eventually be back in the pulpit, even if I have to preach from a wheelchair.

Monday, January 30, 2023


My Story #109

Early Travels of 2nd Group

January 30, 2023
Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

As we traveled from church to church, this second group went through a short time of getting to know one another.

While on the road, the "new boys" (Carl Morton | Bobby Lakes) had questions about the Bible and theology. Bob Jones and I, being the more experienced in studying at LBC, had the privilege of telling them what we knew of the Bible and theology. Actually, we all learned together. We tried to stay away from silly questions such as "How many angels can stand on the point of a needle?"

When we stayed overnight, in those days we would get one motel room with two twin beds, and we would sleep two in a bed. Once Bobby Lakes accused me of stealing his pillow, but I did not. He actually dropped it on the floor. Those were fun times.

Later, when we did not live so close to one another, we had to travel individually or perhaps two together. When I traveled with Bro. Morton, he usually drove. He would put an audio cassette into the cassette player in the car and would ask me to take notes from the sermon he was playing from the cassette. So, I sometimes had a long job to do while we traveled to our destination.

I have heard him preach some of these messages, and they did not sound the same as on the cassette; but it was always good.

Eating together was another interesting thing. We would stop at a restaurant and order our food; but, before we could finish our dessert, Bob Jones was on his feet saying, "All right, boys, it's time to go: let's go".

But we endured it and went on. We always enjoyed singing and preaching in our meetings, and we met many wonderful people, who became lifelong friends. We also experienced seeing many trust the Lord, surrender their lives in rededication, and some young men being called to preach.

Monday, January 16, 2023


My Story #107

Recent Incident

December 1, 2022

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

I think I probably should start this week's Monday Mentions by telling you of an incident that happened to me on December 1, 2022.

I was sitting in my office chair at the church office. I reached down to get something that had fallen on the floor. In doing this, I slipped out of my chair onto the floor. I had no injuries. I did not fall hard.

I tried to get back into my chair, but I could not accomplish that. I was stuck on the floor. I called my son, David, and he and his wife and two daughters came to the office and lifted me up into my chair.

As I was getting up from the chair to get onto my crutches, I put my weight on my left arm, and my arm gave way completely--as though it was completely paralyzed.

My son and his family had to help me go home by holding me up as I walked on my crutches.

When we got home, they carried me back to my bed and placed me on the bed. When I hit the bed, I said "hello." I was so glad to be in bed.

From that time, I have spent most of my time in bed. I get tired quickly. I have got up on my crutches three or four times sense then. Today I tried it again, and I felt wobbly. I was uncertain of every step.

I am to go to the doctor tomorrow, and I am thinking he may send me for some therapy. I have been trying to do some here.

Thanks for your prayers and concern. I just want to get back to the place where I can go to work and to church and to preach the word of God.

Things we are working on:

  • Therapy: seeing doctor tomorrow
  • A power chair for my use: have contacted Medmark and also Drake Hospital

God knows our ways and our wants, and he will answer according to his will. We trust him completely.

GOD BLESS! Have a blessed week!


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

My Story #105 -- Records And Albums


My Story #105

Records And Albums

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

After the Bluegrass Boys Trio had been traveling for a while, it was determined that we should make a record of some of our songs.

We recorded first at Sun-Ray Records where some very prominent recording artists have recorded. The owner was Jimmy Price. His studio was in his garage.

We remember well having to put handkerchiefs over our microphones to keep the recording from popping every time a word that started with a P was sung.

In one recording session we told Jimmy Price the name of the next song to be recorded, but he did not hear it, so he asked what the next song was, and Dema Brubacher opened the door to the small enclosed area where we were singing and shouted "Sorry, I Never Knew You." Then he closed the door. Jimmy Price first looked at us with surprise, but then he realized that was the name of our next song.

We took donations for the records as we traveled around to different churches and gave the money to Lexington Baptist College as we did the donations from churches where we went to sing.

Later we made some long-play albums, and God blessed. We realized that we had "arrived" when people said they bought our albums at a yard sale.

Those were joyful and yet stressful and tiring days, but we were determined to do this for the Lord and for LBC. We loved the Lord most, and we loved LBC.

Bob Jones drove us around in a Volks Wagon Bug, and we wore out two of them. Those were the days, as they say. May God receive honor and glory for our efforts.

We saw many trust the Lord as Savior and some young men submit to God's call to preach the word of God.

-->To be continued<--