Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vacation And Anniversary

This has been an awesome month. On August 19, 2007, First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ohio, celebrated my 25th year as pastor of the church. They presented me with a beautiful plaque and a new laptop computer, which I have been enjoying ever since. These people have been wonderful to me, and I love them like my family.

After the celebration, I went on vacation for a few days to Kentucky. I was with my wife's people, who are wonderful. Her mother is great, and I stayed with her for about four nights and days. We had a great time of fellowship. Some days I did absolutely nothing but read my Bible and a book which I must read for one of my school courses.

Bro. Herman Mills is here this month, and I have been transporting him from place to place. This is a wonderful experience for him and for me. His wife, Brenda, and his daughter, T'Shara, are here with him. I am so happy to meet them for the first time. We have had many hours of good fellowship. God is blessing his work in Trinidad, and our church supports him monthly.

Classes begin for me tonight, Aug. 30, at Antioch Baptist College. I will be teaching, Lord willing, English Composition and The Book of Exodus. This will be a challenge but a wonderful opportunity. Pray for the school. We need more students and more support for the school.

Time is going by fast, and I must eat a little and get prepared for classes, so I must go.