Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Just Across The River

 By Ronnie W. Wolfe -- 5-21-2019
For funeral of Patricia Combs

Just across the river there’s a great, amazing place
Where people there reside by His amazing grace,
Where angels there attend the heavenly altar pure
And grace applies the salve of God’s eternal cure.

Just across the river of death so stained with earthly dread,
Victory reigns in heavenly realms through spirits of the dead.
Come thirsty souls and drink the blessings given from above,
And bask in heavenly sunlight and the wonder of God’s love.

Just across the river we leave the world behind
And shed the stress of everyday and hurts of every kind.
We wash our hands of all the pain and sorrow we once knew,
Now enjoying heavenly bliss and blessings not a few.

So, come, begin your journey now t’ward heaven’s open gate;
Trust that Jesus paid the price; trust him; don’t be late.
Parted saints are there, await our entrance to review,
As we by faith cross o’er the bar to where all things are new.