Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Funeral Dirge For Old Buick

Good-Bye Sweet Buick

Thank the Lord, the Buick is gone
Gone to its ultimate moribund home,
Many a mile it has traveled for me,
Missed every guardrail and swerved every tree.

One Hundred Eighty-four thousand miles,
Some with our tears, and many with smiles;
Smooth at the start, we traveled with ease.
Then it was bumpy, dangling the keys.

I did that which all human beings should not:
I fell in love with this "jeep" I had got.
No need go further with my conscious intention,
I'll just let her go with an honorable mention.

God-bye, love, and may all treat you well.
I'll miss you, a car that I couldn't sell.
But soon I'll love another, you see,
A Buick like you, and no Model-T.

Good riddance to you, and soon you'll be gone
From sight and sound; I'll sing a new song.
And if I should see you when I'm passing by,
I'll wave somewhat gently with a tear in my eye.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Written by Pastor Ronnie Wolfe
Upon the demise of Bro. Glenn Archer's Old Buick
"Good-bye, sweet fenders; all cars are just lenders."

Monday, March 19, 2007

Evolution vs Creation

I had a thought this week and want to share it with you. Tell me what you think by clickong the "comment" below.

Evolutionists say that matter is eternal, that it had no begining; yet they say that matter evolves. Now, doesn't evolution need time in order to operate? I think it does. Eternal things do not relate to time, otherwise they would not be eternal; they would be temporal. So, if matter is eternal, it cannot evolve; because there is no time associated with eternity. On the other hand, if matter evolves, then it is not eternal. Life forms do evolve into different-looking things, but they are all from the same kind, just as the Bible says they are.

Only God is eternal, and he stays the same all the time. He cannot evolve; he cannot become less than he is. He cannot change. Temporal things, however, such as matter, are the things that are seen, but the things that are not see are eternal. So says the Bible (2 Cor. 4:18).

So matter had to be created from One who is eternal. He is the authority for all creation, and in Him all things consist.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Wrote The Book of Hebrews?

I would like for you to click the "comment" below this blog and let me know who you think wrote the book of Hebrews. Just write one answer, one of the following:

Priscilla & Aqula
None of the Above
Or write someone else's name

If you can, give a reason why you think a certain person wrote the book of Hebrews. Thanks.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Prayer Handkerchief

Have you received your prayer handkerchief yet? Well, I haven't, either; but a member of First Baptist Church here received his. Actually, it is not a real handkerchief. They are now making them on paper to save money. They are printing a handkerchief design on a very cheap piece of paper to look like a handkerchief.

When you receive yours, you are supposed to write your name in the clear center of the handkerchief and then the name of a friend who is in need of prayer, and you are to send the handkerchief back the very next day with a love offering to activate the miracle that you wish for.

A part of the packet reads, "My dear child, I have much joy planned for you. As you remain faithful in your seed sowing into my kingdom, surely you shall be blessed ..."

Now seed-sowing is defined in the packet as sending money to the people who send you the handkerchief. When you return the handkerchief with your offering, they will pray over it, anoint it, and you will receive your miracle.

The letter closes, "Thank God that this anointed prayer handkerchief is back in the mail, on its way to this 56-year-old church. We thank you. --Amen"

Now, if you get one of these handkerchiefs, you must make a decision. I am keeping this one, because my member gave it to me. I am keeping it, however, only to use it as an illustration when I teach of how uninformed and unbiblical people are today, how vulnerable they are to the world's religions. Don't be fooled by this nonsense. You do not need someone to pray over a handkerchief for you to be blessed of God. Notice what the Bible says:

Heb 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The New Jesus

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda from Puerto Rico is said to be "the second coming of Christ." He has 300 congregations in about 24 countries, counting over 100,000 followers. He has TV, radio, and other electronic technologies at his disposal.

A February 5, 2007, issue of Newsweek said about him, "But as his following expanded, his claims did, too. In 1998, de Jesus avowed that he was the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. Two years ago at Growing in Grace's world convention in Venezuela, he declared himself Christ. And just last week, he called himself the Antichrist and revealed a "666" tattooed on his forearm. His explanation: that, as the second coming of Christ, he rejects the continued worship of Jesus of Nazareth."

The Bible tells us in Mr 13:21 And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not: When Jesus returns the second time, people will not be able to say "he is here" or "he is there." His coming will be like lightning from the east to the west. No one will have the time to say "he is here" or "he is there."

When a man comes and pretends that he is Jesus, we must simply ignore him. There have been many even from New Testament days who said they were Christ. These are called antichrists. All we need do is read the Word of God and understand the beliefs and doctrines of these antichrists, and we will not be surprised about their appearing from time to time.

Jesus said in John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. Just as lightning coming from the sky, Jesus will return and receive us unto himself that we may go there to meet him in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Mt 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

In God We Trust On New Coin

We love having "In God We Trust" on our money, don't we. Some have begun to say that it is not on the new dollar coins that are being minted by the Federal Government. But this is not true. It is just hidden on the edge of the coin out of plain sight.

You don't like that, and I don't like that; but maybe, just maybe, it reflects where our real trust in God is. We trusted him when the twin towers came down. We trusted him and prayed to him when we lost our job or when our child was sick or when mother was dying. We trusted him when we lost our job and needed money to live on.

But when things are going well, and times are prosperous and especially luxurious, we don't trust him much. We stay home from church; we don't read our Bibles; we do not pray; we do not witness; and we take just about everything for granted, thinking that God will be there the next time we have a real problem.

Until we learn to love and trust the Lord every day, why should we want to display his name in an apparent position on the front of our money. Maybe we should have it hidden on all of our money. What do you think?

I am saying this a little tongue-in-cheek, but I hope you get my drift!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Funeral of Corporal Timothy Lewis

Last Monday I preached the funeral of my great nephew, Timothy Lewis. He died suddenly while in the Marines. He had a heart attack. He was only 20 years old.

The funeral was in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where my wife's family live. The funeral began at 1:00 PM, and it lasted almost an hour. Then we traveled to the Lawrenceburg Cemetery, where the military had an honor ceremony for their fallen comrade. Then the family traveled to the Alton Cemetery where Timothy was laid to rest. We got back to the Sand Spring Baptist Church around 4:00 PM for our lunch.

We will all miss him very much. He was a wonderful boy with a loving and caring spirit. Everyone was so helpful, including the Richie Peach Funeral Home and the Sand Spring Baptist Church, where we ate a wonderful lunch.

I returned home to Harrison, Ohio, about 8:00 PM. It was a good but sad trip.