Monday, November 25, 2019

So This Is Thankgiving (2019)

Ronnie W. Wolfe – November 23, 2019

So this is Thanksgiving; I know it is true.
I saw someone’s turkey and cranberries, too.
It looks much like Christmas and sounds like Noel;
I heard Christmas music and the sound of a bell.

So this is Thanksgiving; I wonder sometime.
Not many are thankful; their words are a mime.
It smells just like Christmas; the ham’s on the plate.
They’re waiting for Christmas, afraid they’ll be late.

They’re buying in bundles; their bundles they keep.
They’re all in the queue like a flock of white sheep.
They gather their jewels, in windows they shop
So furious their fancy, they barely can stop.

But let us be patient and take time to pray
On this for our country, our Thanksgiving day.
Let’s bless our Creator and praise our dear Lord
For all that He lends us; He honors His Word.