Monday, September 25, 2017

Coming Of Fall

By Ronnie Wolfe – September 23, 2017

Those verdurous fields of growing maze
Stand tall in summer’s breeze
And wait for coming color change
That time proclaims with ease.

Casually falling into the hands
Of impending autumn chill,
The corn surrenders all its growth
To fall’s advancing will

And sheds its beauty, green and firm
To an article of time.
The shades of green will turn to gold
And yield to autumn’s rhyme.

Sweet gesture comes from fall’s great need
To turn the green to brown,
And yellow leaves in autumn breeze
Come tumbling to the ground.

Grander beauty never seen
As this year’s season comes
With blooming lilies in the fields
And yards adorned with mums.

But the beauty there is a cheating dream
From fall’s enticing gold,
For it brings its foliage to its end
In illusive winter’s cold.