Friday, August 9, 2013

A Man Like This

For Funeral of Charlie Kinnett – 8-3-2013
By Pastor Dr. Ronnie Wolfe

Charlie Kinnet was a special man
With a smile on his face and a mint in his hand.
He approached each person with a generous smile,
And handed them candy to last them a while.

A second piece? no, cannot do,
There’s none for others if I give it to you.
Children’s faces lit up when Charlie came in.
They reached out their hands for candy again.

But Charlie was more than a candy man;
He was serious about his work at hand.
He was a servant with only one Master
And never thought anything was a disaster.

He was faithful each Sunday in counting the flock;
He counted the money that belongs to the Rock.
He felt so unworthy to sing in the choir,
But he listened intently,  enjoyed every hour.

So suddenly taken, our hearts deeply sad;
We must understand it’s not wholly bad
That Charlie so left here for us to bemoan,
And went on out yonder to his final home.

He went with the Lord, his soul saved by grace,
For Jesus has suffered, taking his place;
Jesus condemned and put on a tree,
Giving salvation to folks just like me.

Charlie would have me invite you today
To trust in the Lord, put transgressions away,
And come to a place where saints will be singing
And we will see Charlie God’s anthems still ringing.

Charlie is meeting and greeting his friends,
Enjoying a place that has no ends.
He is blessed to be sharing Heaven’s fine bliss,
And Heaven is blessed with a man like this.