Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lexington-Bethel Conference

I really enjoyed the fellowship, singing and preaching at Lexington Bethel Baptist Church on Friday, April 27, 2007.

Bro. Rob Jeffries is pastor there. His father, Bro. Jim Jeffries, is pastor emeritus. It was great to see him again. He has been a blessing to so many people, especially preachers, for so many years. Pray for him; he is not in good health.

Bro. Tony Harold preached a great message from Romans Chapter 7. He also sang a wonderful song.

I had the privilege of preaching second, and the congregation were great in their attention. Bro. Carl Morton was there along with Bro. Chuck Hunt and many other folks I had not seen in some time.

After the service we had refreshments. I did not get left until about 10:00 PM. That made it late to arrive home, but I enjoyed the trip, and God blessed.

The conference will continue on Saturday throughout the day. I wish I could have stayed, but I needed to come home and get some things done in Harrison and prepare to go to Berean Baptist Church in Batesville, Indiana, where Bro. Toby Huff is pastor. I will be preaching there Saturday evening at 7:00 PM.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fish Fry

I visited Dallas and Viola Hall on Thursday evening, April 26,2007. They had invited me some time ago to eat some of the fish they had caught on a fishing trip. I told them I was ready any time for that.

When I entered the home, the fish were still frying; and Viola was preparing some beautiful (and I found out later delicious) vegetables and some salad. We sat down to eat about 5:15 PM.

At 9:30 PM I reminded them that I had been there simply too long and that I should get home. We had a good conversation about the Bible and doctrine and some practical things, and they did not want me to leave; but I just had to go home sometime.

I left about 10:10, and I went home with a full belly and a happy thought of a great visit with some wonderful people.

They are visiting our church at this time. I pray God will lead in their lives.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dark Is The Valley

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe - April 24, 2007

Dark is the valley
That lies o’er hills and plains.
Its memory darkens
The one o’er whom it reigns.

Deep is the valley
Where dread and fear abound,
This is the valley
Where screams and cries are found.

And in this valley
Men of sin are wont to stay,
For to this valley
They sank so far away.

That lonesome valley
Where no friends are near;
Inside that valley
No escape from lonely fear.

From that valley
The saints have turned away
By God’s grace
Safe from it they stay.

To a mountain
One day they will arrive
From death taken
And made to be alive.

In that mountain
A Savior waits to greet
Each waiting saint
Who stands upon his feet

Looking at Him
With expectant voices cheer
And shout aloud
The joys of being here.

Alas! My friend
The valley waits for you
Who do not turn
And trust the One who’s true.

As you faint
From every doubt and fear,
Rise and stand
Believing He is near.

Trust His blood
And all His work divine.
Hear His words
“Dear sinner, come and dine.”

In that valley
The Devil’s hand will stay,
From that valley
You’ll come without delay.

In the mountain
You will forever dwell,
And you will know
Your soul is saved from Hell.

Oh the mountain
That drips with honey sweet!
Your home forever
To bow at Jesus’ feet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

P. V. Zugg Dies

Bro. P. V. Zugg was a missionary to the Middle Eastern countries of Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt. He was faithful in his duties for many years, I think since the 1950's. First Baptist Church here at Harrison, Ohio, has been supporting him, I think, ever since he first started his work.

On April 15, 2007, at 6:05 AM, Bro. Zugg went to be with the Lord. He will always be remembered here at our church as a man who stayed with the stuff. He died at age 87, and he was in Egypt just a few weeks before his death. The picture you see here was taken about five weeks before his death. He was in Egypt at the time. At this time I am not sure where he was when he died.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jeremiah 5:21

Jer 5:21 Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

God calls his people a foolish people. He had called them foolish back in Deut. 32:6. They were foolish, because they did not continue to trust in God and follow his commandments. This was foolish on their part, and it is foolish on our part if we do the same. These things were written for our learning.

God says his people are without understanding. The only way to be without understanding is to neglect to learn or to neglect to reason through what has been said. Judah knew exactly what God said, but their prophets did not prophesy with integrity but with demagoguery. They wanted their own power, Their prophets prophesy falsely (5:31). These false prophets want to rule by their own power and do not rely upon God's power.

But the shame of it all is that the people want it that way (5:31). Ultimately it must be left up to the people of a nation to bring things back to the right. It must be left up to us as the citizens of this country to bring righteousness back into play in our country.

Politicians and religionists alike are preaching a false message, misrepresenting God and Christianity. They use it to their own prophet and position. You may have noticed that scientists and politicians alike are using Christianity to their advantage. A recent e-mail from Answers In Genesis notes that now in science classrooms today the students are being encouraged to use religion as a part of their teaching of science. They are to tell their students that religion can play a part in science and that humanistic and evolutionary science play hand in hand with religion. This is part of that lack of understanding.

The question is asked in Jeremiah 5:31, "What will ye do in the end thereof?" What will we do as a nation if the evolutionist scientists win out? What will we do if liberal politicians win out? What will we do if we continue in our lack of understanding? I'll tell you what we will do--the same thing that Judah did. They ate from strange dishes; they sang strange songs; they lived in a strange land; they learned a different language. God took away their land, and they had to live in Babylon for 70 years. God will do the same with America if we do not bring righteousness back into play.

But how do we do this? We believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in the resurrection. We preach the Gospel to others. We live a rightous life and teach our children the ways of the Lord. We worship the Lord in holiness. It may take a generation or two, but God will bless our efforts toward holiness.

Additionaly, we need to pray for those in leadership, that God will lead them to the truth of the word of God. But we as God's children must first begin to read and know the scriptures ourselves. May God give us grace to do what we need to do and to be obedient to our God.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

When Your Mind Slips

 By Ronnie Wolfe - April 13, 2007 (Friday)

What do you do when your mind slips
And goes completely out of gear,
And you make a snap decision
That makes you want to kick your rear?

You send a senseless e-mail
To your friends without a thought
Forgetting all the protocol
That you ever have been taught.

You’d think that I’d be sorry,
Put my head down in my hand
And weep and sob and send repentance
All across the land.

But, no, I found that it’s so plain
To see upon this sin
That when I err in this plain way
E-mails keep coming in.

Now if you want the e-mails
To flood your inbox screen,
Just send a hoaxful e-mail
And you’ll see what I mean.

Some folks I haven’t heard from
In many months and days,
And I have tried to prod them
In, oh, so many ways.

But then they get the e-mail hoax,
And their keyboard lights right up,
And their fingers get so active,
Can’t wait to fix it up.

I should really be ashamed
For the way that I am feeling,
But if I printed every e-mail,
They would reach clear to the ceiling.

The next time I receive a hoax,
And know it isn’t true,
I may just take a little chance
And send it on to you.

That way I’ll hear from time to time
From friends I know are mine
But never send an e-mail here
‘Til a hoax gets on the line.

I’m only kidding, that you know,
My intentions very true,
But keep your eyes alert to hoaxes;
I may send one to you.