Thursday, September 13, 2012

    A Man Of God

By Pastor Dr. Ronnie Wolfe – Sept. 12, 2012

A preacher is a man of sorrow
Preaching to many who do not hear.
He studies and prays through each tomorrow
To preach the word from year to year.

He stands up strong when he is weak,
Proclaims God's word with all his might.
He knows God says he must be meek
And in his preaching must be right.

He stands before a holy God;
He'll give account for each word said.
He's timid due to God's strict rod;
He contemplates upon his bed.

Many years have passed him by.
Frank Smith's duty did not wane.
He spoke the word with ne'er a sigh
And preached the word through sorrowed pain.

A bulwark of the soundest doctrine
Teaching many its wondrous truth,
From New Testament streams of grace
To Old Testament tooth for tooth.

How missed a man who stood so strong
And never failed to tell the tale
Of God's great love and sinners wrong,
Our Savior's death within the veil!

Listening now to truth unknown,
Not in this lowly earthly realm,
He sings with angels not alone,
The beauty there to overwhelm.

He is not here; he's gone away
Where evil has no lingering sway,
And nothing can describe the day
But peace and truth and endless day.