Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Title

I never did give a title to this poem, but I wrote it as an introduction to a sermon on 6/27/2010.

Sometime when all life's lessons have been learned,
And suns and stars forevermore have set,
And things which our work judgments here have spurned,
The things o'er which we grieved with lashes wet

Will flash before us through our life's dark night,
As stars shine most in deepest tints of blue:
And we shall see how all God's plans were right,
And most that seemed reproof was love most true.

And if sometimes comingled with life's wine
We find the wormwood and rebel and shrink,
Be sure a wiser hand than yours or mine
Pours out this portion for our lips to drink.

And if some friend we love is lying low,
Where human kisses cannot reach his face,
O, do not blame the loving Father so,
But wear your sorrow with obedient grace,

And you shall shortly know that lengthened breath
Is not the sweetest gift God sends his friend
And that sometimes the sable pall of death
Conceals the fairest boon his love can spend,

If we could push ajar the gates of life,
And stand within, and all God's working see,
We would interpret all this doubt and strife,
And for such faint a mystery find a key.

By Pastor Dr. Ronnie Wolfe

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talking In My Sleep

I don't suppose you have ever talked in your sleep.  If we do, none of us wants to remember it or express it publicly. Last night I spoke out in my sleep. This has not happened to me very often, but it does once in a great while.

I was dreaming that I was at a house, not my own, and children were there with costumes on along with masks. They were running around playing. I crawled under the porch in an area where it was dark. While I was there, a small girl came over to the area and looked into the space where I was, but she could not see me, because it was dark.  Just for fun, I was going to growl to scare her a little.  I began to make a louder and louder noise to scare this little girl, but she was not scared. She kept coming closer and closer to me and was almost up against my face while I was yelling in a low-voice growl. 

Then I woke up. I think the noise of my growl woke me up, because I was actually growling for real.  I looked around and saw my son at my bedroom door, and he said, "Are you all right?"  I said, yes, smiling a little.  I said, "I was just dreaming."  He thought I was having a heart attack.  I told him I was sorry.  I really did not mean to seriously frighten anyone.  Now it is funny.