Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today: 1-7-2013

Each day is a special gift from God. There are the same amount of hours in every day around the world. Each person has the same amount of time to do what he or she desires to do in each day.

Would it not be a wonderful dedication if each one of us who are believers would determine that we will use every day of this new year to do as much as we can to exhort Christ and to encourage and build up the Kingdom of God? There are and will be hindrances because of illnesses and other things that are not under our immediate control, but we should still have ample time to do something for Jesus Christ each day of the year.

A good idea would be to make a list of things that each of us could do to be more effective in the work of Christ. As ideas come to us, we should write them down on a list; and if one thing is not easy enough to do, then we can choose another one of the list.

The main thing, however, is just to get started. Someone said several years ago that, "I car is not worth anything if you cannot get it started." I wish I knew who started that, but I do not.

There are a few things that every believer should do every day if at all possible:

1.  Pray
2.  Read Scripture
3.  Do everything with the expectation that you will soon be in the Lord's house with other believers.
4.  Love
5.  Forgive
6.  Give as the opportunities come

There are many more we could list, but these are a few that will get us started.

Remember that the Lord said in "Luke 2:49 A  ". . .  wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?"