Friday, August 3, 2012

A Poem On Faith

By Pastor Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe
August 3, 2012

Unseen, and yet as real as life;
    Untouched, and yet its meaning rife;
Unchanged because of sovereign love;
    Unmoved, secured in realms above.

Unleashed from God’s rich grace divine;
    Unfathomed that it can be mine.
Unwarranted yet its remonstrance,
    Unwitting here its great enhance.

Unsettling soul its need confess,
    And further claim his loneliness;
Unmerited grace the soul proclaim
    Unhindered, trust his holy name.

In grace sublime this faith came down
    A gift from God’s own name renown.
A channel through which love may go
    And save a sinner’s heart below.

By faith the grace of God employed;
    A myriad benefits enjoyed,
By faith the sovereign will is done,
    A sinner saved, a victory won.

And faith goes on through life’s long path,
    Protects the sinner from God’s wrath,
Provides a safe and peaceful place
    To praise God’s name for wondrous grace.

Then faith one day along with hope
    Protecting saints from slippery slope,
With charity in courts above
    Relinquish all in place of love.

For faith has now turned into sight
    And manifests God’s awesome might;
And after this great journey ford,
    We’ll cast our crowns as his reward.