Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Backsliding Jonah

Ronnie W. Wolfe - September 8, 2020

Backsliders we mostly are
And Jonah knew the way.
He heard the truthful words of God,
But decided he would stay.

He would not go to do the work
The Lord had sent him for.
But stood his ground and fled away
And closed the blessings door.

But God in love came to his aid
To draw him back in Him.
The man repented in his heart
Told Nineveh of her sin.

Then God repented of his work
And gave that land new life.
It made Jonah really mad
And filled his heart with strife.

I hope we’re not like Jonah,
His heart had made him sad;
For he in all his anger
Ends the story mad.