Sunday, April 28, 2013

Miracle of The Phone Reminder

I was driving home from Warren, Michigan, and I knew that I had already used my last blood-pressure pill. I needrf to stop at K Mart Pharmacy in Harrison, Ohio, and get the already-filled prescription for my blood pressure medicine.  I thought, "That will be the first thing I will do when I get to Harrison."

I arrived at Harrison, Ohio, at about 1:30 PM. I had completely forgotten by that time that I was to stop at K Mart and get my prescription. However, as I was on the exit ramp to Harrison, my phone rang with a reminder. It was from K Mart reminding me that I needed to pick up a prescription. Thank the Lord for small miracles.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Small Miracles 01

The Broken Fingernail

Some time had gone by since I had clipped my fingernails, due mainly to the fact that "someone" borrowed my fingernail clippers and did not return them.  They could not be found.

So I decided, finally, to purchase a new pair of fingernail clippers. On one Sunday morning before church I went to a Walgreens store and picked out a nice, expensive, quality pair of clippers. I took them to the checkout line and paid for them. Then I carried them to the car. I opened the car door and dropped the new fingernail clippers in the passenger sear.

As I pulled my hand in the car as I was sitting down, I raised my hand and caught it on something (I cannot figure what) and ripped my fingernail down to the quick.  This is a small miracle, because I had brand new fingernail clippers in a shopping bag sitting right beside me. 

I took the clippers out of the box and immediately went to work to clip and file my ripped fingernail. Then I just went ahead and clipped the rest of the nails. That is a small miracle, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After This

By Ronnie W. Wolfe — April 17, 2013


After this life eternity comes,
And God will add the totals and sums.
After this life no sorrows will shine,
But only God’s bread and eternal wine.

After this our dreams will come true;
We’ll leave stress behind and all will be new.
Our hearts are in tune with the heavenly choir;
Our voices will blend with them hour after hour.

After this we’ll stand by the shore
And with confidence praise our Lord evermore.
We’ll greet all our friends in that wonderful place,
And our favorite Friend we’ll see face to face.

Departing this life gives no lasting sorrow.
I’ll stay with my Lord for a lasting tomorrow.
I’ll leave with you memories for each lonely heart,
Give thanks to my Savior for taking my part.

So look to the heavens, expect a quick day
When all of your hurts will be taken away,
And look for a time of a Heavenly bliss.
It all will come true when we leave after this.