Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
By Dr. Ronnie Wolfe – 4-26-2012

Don’t dismay in Heaven, friend,
Far past the sun and moon;
We’re here on earth, await our time,
We’ll all be coming soon.

When death’s dark shades upon us pass
And winds of sorrow blow,
We’ll acquiesce to Heaven’s call
And leave the world below.

Our Savior waits there as of old
To welcome us to our home.
We’re coming soon to that fair land,
And we’ll not be alone.

For grace is something to be shared
Among our loved ones here.
We’ll speak the word of God’s great love
And bring our loved ones near.

And joy will come to all of us
Our tears will flow no more.
We’ll have our tears all wiped away
On that eternal shore.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Cross of Christ

By Ronnie Wolfe - August 16, 2011

Crosses are many in their count
Among them large and small,
But one has solitary worth,
And one above them all.

Christ’s arms stretched out across its beam
In great proportion stress
The import of this unique hour,
Expressed His loneliness.

His feet that walked upon the sea
Were fastened firm that day
To the cross unfathomed in its cruel
And solitary way.

By this peace was reconciled
When the blood of Christ fell down,
And reconciliation made
When in His cross was found

The handwriting of ordinances,
Contrary to our way,
His cross was every wit sufficient
To take our sin away.

Redemption made, my soul procured,
Each man should thankful be,
That only on His cross we find
From law he set us free.

And every man who by His cross
Has his salvation found,
Should take his cross and follow Him
And to His cross be bound.