Monday, February 5, 2007


Last night was not a good night for me. I had hard pain in all of my muscles most of the night. I don't know what to blame except the freezing weather. Tonight we are supposed to have a snow storm and temperatures near zero. I hope I do not have another painful night.

A good friend to many of us from Lexington Baptist College, Sister Carolyn Sue Hauter, departed this life on Friday of last week. Her visitation will be tonight in Lexington, Kentucky, at Kerr Brothers Funeral Home on Main Street, but I will not be able to go; I was late taking one of my members home from the hospital today.

Tomorrow I probably will not go to the funeral because of the snow storm and the frigid weather conditions.

Bro. Richard Barker came home from the Mercy Hospital of Western Hills today. His wife is ill and could not take him home, so I went to the hospital and got him. He got home somewhere around 4:00 PM.

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