Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Creation Museum

About 21 people from First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ohio, traveled to the Creation Museum (Answers In Genesis)on July 23, 2007. The trip was wonderful! We got there early so that we did not need to stand in line to get in. Many of us were Senior Citizens, so we got a good rate.

The first thing we did was to visit the Planetarium. This was wonderful in that we saw how God created the universe and how complex and wonderful his creation is. No wonder the Bible tells us that the heavens declare his handiwork. Parts of the presentation were above the heads of most of us, but there was enough basic information that we could see the magnitude as well as the complexity and the wonder of God's heavens.

We saw two or three more show that illustrated God's creation as opposed to humanistic evolution. Unlike going to the zoo and having to put up with all of the nonsense about millions of years and half-thought-out explanations of life, we saw Bible evidence of God's special creation.

Thanks to Bro. Todd Westrich, who pushed me in a wheelchair the whole time. This made it easier on me and my arthritis. We had a wonderful time of fellowship after we finished at the museum--we went to the Golden Corral restaurant in Florence for a late lunch. We all ate too much, of course, including dessert.

After arriving back at Harrison, I went to the office to do some much needed office work and made some phone calls along with wishing Bro. Sam Sookraj well, who is leaving on Tuesday after staying in our mission apartment for about a week.

Then I got a call that it was my grandson's birthday, so I went to my son's house to have birthday cake (after eating at Golden Corral) and played games with the children. When I arrived home, I was tired; so I went to bed after reading a little in my Bible.

Thank for Lord for days like this. It makes life a little better.

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