Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things Not Always As They Seem

I had traveled to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, from Harrison, Ohio, to visit my wife's family. I had been there only one day, and I was outdoors talking with my brother-in-law, husband to my wife's sister. We had talked for a while when he noticed my license plate, and he told me that my plate had expired. I could not believe what he had just said. I took a look for myself, and, sure enough, the sticker was marked for the year previous to this one.

In excitement, thinking that I may get a ticket, I traveled all the way back to Harrison, Ohio, and immediately drove to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I went in and told them what had happened, and they looked up my name on the computer. The lady there said, "Mr. Wolfe, your license plate is not expired. You renewed them in the proper month." Then I told her that the sticker must have come off due to rain or something else, which, she said, was very unlikely. I then paid about $6.00 for a new sticker.

When I put the sticker on the plate and got back into my car, I remembered that, when I got the license renewed, it was raining very hard; so I decided to wait to put the sticker on later--then I forgot. I opened my glove compartment, and right there in front of my eyes was the sticker that I received when I renewed the plates. I had driven all those miles for nothing else but to learn a good lesson--things are not, many times, as they seem.

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