Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Conference

I just returned on Wednesday from a Bible Conference at Bible Baptist Church in Harrisburg, Illinois, where Bro. Art Donley is pastor. We had a great attendance, and many preachers were there. We heard some great preaching. I wish I could have stayed for the Wednesday night service, but I came back for our good services here at First Baptist Church in Harrison, Ohio. Bro. Bob Jones and Bro. Bobby Green were preaching in the Wednesday services in Harrisburg.

We had a good service at First Baptist Church. Our attendance was not too good, but God blessed. I am preaching through the book of Jeremiah, and I was in Chapter 4. I did not finish the outline, so I will need to continue in this chapter next week.

On Sunday mornings I have just finished a series on "Why We Do Not Need To Be Baptized To Be Saved." There were six messages altogether. Sunday I will begin on a new series, or I will preach a sermon or two before starting on another series or a book of the Bible.

On Sunday evenings I am preaching on 2 Samuel.

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