Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Hate Crime Law

A frightening law is being considered in this country's House of Representative. It is a new Hate Crime Law, called David's Law from David Ray.

This new law would find at fault acts of hate, including "perceived" hate. This is very discomfitting to me. If someone has a particular sensitivity to a word or phrase, he may consider it a hate crime when he hears the word or phrase--it could be perceived to be hate when it actually may have no hate involved.

This is HB 256.

Harry Jackson, Jr. of High Impact Leadership Coalition, believes that this bill will give homosexuals a protected status --

“This part of the bill means [H.R. 256] will very quickly turn into a speech crime law,” explains Rev. Ted Pike, a Christian minister and free speech advocate.

It "would be operated by 'a private civil liberties organization'."

Pray God's intervention to this bill. Do some reading, and call your congressman.