Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

Dr. Ronnie Wolfe – 3-13-2012


Hidden within protective walls,
This world you’ll never see.
But love so strong embracing you
Is a part of reality.

We’ve loved you long and strong amid
Your striving goal for life
And thought of you both night and day,
And ne’er forgot your strife.

Our heart’s desire and constant prayer:
To meet you on that day
When birth would bring you home to us
And take our fear away.

But in God’s own selective plan
He took you to His side,
Received you to his presence
With Him fore’er abide.

We miss you here as though you were
With us this very day.
We do not know why God designed
To take your soul away.

But we will bless His name for this;
He doeth all things well.
We’ll pray, and sing, and praise His name
On whom the honor fell.

We sigh with breathless agony
To know you are not nigh;
And we admit with sorrowed hearts,
It’s hard to say goodbye.


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