Monday, January 21, 2013

My Prayer For Today

Father in Heaven, your name is holy, and we know that your grace will be sufficient to us through your Son, Jesus Christ. Sometimes, however, we miss the mark and shun access to your grace as believers. We bicker and argue and become both angry and complacent concerning the things that are going wrong in our country. We have just seen another president swear his allegiance to the constitution. We know our constitution is just a human document and that your word is a divine one. We all love our constitution. I pray that we will love your word more. I pray for our newly sworn-in president that you will work in his life to give him the wisdom he needs to lead our country. He is only human, but you are divine. He is subject to all kinds of error, but you are perfect. Give each of us as blessed citizens of this great country grace to have the right attitude toward all of our national leaders, and please be our shield and buckler. Please forgive us of our sinfulness as your children and help us to receive your chastisement with honor, learning from your rod and staff. We love you as much as we can; help us to love you more, and help our unbelief. Amen.

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