Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miracle Of The Bank Check

This miracle is not so little.  I once gave my son $450.00 to pay his rent, or he would be evicted. He had lost is job and had no money to pay his rent, and with a small child, it was beyond me to allow that to happen.  This made my budget very tight.

The next day I came to the office, and my secretary had laid the mail on my desk, as he usually does. In that mail was an envelope that was opened, and a long form was sticking out that looked somewhat like a check.  I looked at the check and noticed that it was a bank check, a certified check.  The note said it was from an anonymous person, so I cannot thank that person, which makes me feel really bad.

The total amount of the check of $500.00.  This was a real miracle.  If this has never happened to you, then you don't realize how God can bless.  Also, I am sure many miracles, both small a great, have happened in your life; but most of us do not think of them so much.

We think of these things as coincidences, but they are actually miracles from God.  Be sure to count your blessings every day and notice the miracles.

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Lauren Monsey Nagel said...

Things like that are from God. Thank you for sharing that. I am in need of some more miracles in my life. :)

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