Monday, July 15, 2013

Brother, Lie Down

By Ronnie W.  Wolfe – July 15, 2013

My brother, the oldest in this little clan,
Hard for us all to quite understand.
Opinions he had, as all people do,
But loving and kind and hard working, too.

We loved him as best as all of us could
And weeded the bad and collected the good.
We’d travel and travel ‘till tiredness was found,
And then in the field we’d lay our heads down.

Through shadows and valleys he traveled with strength,
And trusted and prayed for great mercy at length.
While prostrate in prayer again on the ground,
He felt the great urge again to lie down.

He knew of his soon and certain demise
And knew that his God was infinitely wise.
The grace of his God he has already found
And heard the Death Angel say, “Brother, lie down.”

Brother, lie down to go straight to that place
Where there will be seen Christ’s glorious face
And see the wonderful pleasures of grace,
Where all the believers will end their great race.

Brother, lie down so angels can come
And take you away to your Heavenly home,
Where God will caress you and welcome you in
To a place where no one is guilty of sin.

Brother, lie down so the time will go by
For my time to come with a lingering sigh,
And I, too, will join in that Heavenly sound,
When the angels will say to me, “Brother, lie down.”

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