Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Sin

By Dr. Ronnie Wolfe - Nov. 19, 2013

    Oh, our sin! How deep and shameful it is! How strong and willing to bring us down to the pit! Oh, how lonely it makes our emotions, and, oh, how it surprises us when it awakes suddenly in our minds when we least expect it!

    Oh, our sin! Deep as the abyss of hell, long as eternity, and dark as a deep, dark cave! How present is its curse! How unrelenting its force! Oh, how it leads us into temptation, feeds us with its food of folly, leaves us broken-hearted, and needs us for its ever-hungry appetite!

    What desperate want we have! What longing to leave it! What hate to have it! How impossible to leave it, for it is our inherent curse, our ever-present visitor, who refuses to depart!

    Oh, if we could simply pray for its departure! If we could push it aside! If we could only leave it at the curbside, hide it in a closet, or throw it into the ditch! 

    Oh, if there were only one who could come and succor our deep depravity! If someone could by hard or easy effort vanquish this canker, this cancer!

    If there were or could be someone who could for our sin be a pure satisfaction, willing and able to take this burden; then how thankful would we be!

    Oh, how I sought it, and I found it! I heard of a man from a place from where comes no good, and yet he came, the good Shepherd! He called my name through his word, and I heard him and followed him! I understood his work promised from timeless eternity! I saw in spirit the death he died and the life he claimed from the dead!

    This man, Jesus, took sin, my sin! He personally carried it to a cross, was hung between heaven and earth, was punished in my place, and paid for my sin. This debt of sin I owed to his Father, and his Father took his death and life as payment, and upon my surrender in faith to this Christ, my heart was relieved, and my sin is gone; and he leads me in the paths of righteousness.

    Oh great release! Oh, great love! Oh, desired dedication to him! I can ask no more, but there is more! Past sin is gone! Present sin is forgiven! Future sin is under the blood; and my heart’s desire is that I sin not. But when I do sin, I have a great Lawyer, who will plead my case before the great Judge and win my case against my sin. Then one day, it may be soon, I will be released from this inherent depravity and be made free from this old sinful body to live eternally with my good Shepherd and my Lord, Jesus.


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