Monday, October 27, 2014

Psalm 119:98

God's Commandments Endure
By Pastor Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe

The commandments of the lord make God's people wiser than the world. The world knows only mundane things,only things that are temporal and wasting away; but God's word teaches us wisdom.

The world uses its wisdom to harass God's people, to bring them under subjection, to intimidate them and bring their theology under great censure and even hatred. Many in the world follow that harassment, and society at large can become infected with worldly philosophies and science falsely so-called.

Violence is the last stand of mundane wisdom. In the end those in the world will resort to violence, torture, and murder, bringing fear upon God's people in the thought that this fear will cause them to deny their Lord and join their worldly religion; but from time to time these worldlings experience the most fervent faith and fearlessness from those who believe in Christ, standing firm on their profession of faith in the face of torture and fear.

This is because the word of God, his commandments, are ever before us. They linger from day to day in our minds and thoughts, and they are the encouragements to our souls and the strength in our firm stand.

So, let us stand fast on the word of God. Trust it for strength and faith; believe it for comfort. God will always be faithful to his word, and his word will always abide with us.

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