Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Psalm 119:152

David has known from a child that God's testimonies are sure and true, that by staying in them through reading and meditation he could understand that there are no other words like these holy words, that no other body of writings are so pure and everlasting, for they changed his heart and brought him comfort in times of sorrow and gave him joy through his many tears.

When he had sinned, these words restored his joy to him. When he was in battle, these testimonies assured him that God would be with him each time he entered into battle. He ate these words and digested them, he meditated upon these testimonies. He sang the testimonies of the Lord as he played his harp with cunning.

These can be none other than eternal words, which give rise to joy in the heart and assurance in the mind and energy to the feet. The ears, too, are anxious to hear these wonderful words, and they are like honey to the taste and like medicine to the inward being.

Yes, these testimonies shall be David's portion through his entire life, and he will die as an old man, anointing his son, Solomon, to be king of Israel, with the Messianic line in tact, and with comfort from these very testimonies which will carry themselves unchanged through the history of the world and shall rest in the end unchanged, unharmed but full of truth and glory to the God of heaven.

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