Monday, March 3, 2014


By Ronnie W. Wolfe – 3-2-2014

Snow, snow, gentle snow
Coming to the waiting ground,
What wonders do you have for us,
What surprises all around?

Will you come in calmly quiet,
Or will you come with fear?
Will you spread your beauty on
The rose that bloomed last year?

Will you come to stay a while,
Or will you go away,
Quickly parting from the scene,
Or have you come to stay?

Harder and faster the flakes fall by;
The beauty is deceiving;
But just to hear reports today,
It’s hard for those believing.

The clouds are full with anticipation
To give us their supply
Of ice and rain and snow and such
While winter’s passing by.

Do not despair of this, my friend,
For all can know one thing.
After this, the cold, cold snow,
Comes the beauty of welcome spring.

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