Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Other Side of Time

by Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe – March 20, 2014
For the Funeral of Connie Garrod

Time sometimes is a logical curse
Restraining our lives and our hearts
To this mortal coil of life bad or worse
To Satan and his evil darts.

With human restraints and moral decline
We stand in a temporal place.
Running still upward to a place so sublime,
So weary of running the race.

But somewhere beyond this portal of years
Taught neither by rhythm nor rhyme
A place so sublime with no shedding tears
A place not on this side of time.

To go there demands a sore, broken heart
Submissive to God’s inward call,
To give up the heart with each calling part
And to the Chief Shepherd give all.

The other side of time will recall
The desire to leave all behind,
And go to that place by the Savior’s strong call
Where our glorious possessions we find.

My heart’s desire and prayer to God
Is that souls be saved by God’s grace,
Live a pure life as we walk on this sod,
Then go to this wonderful place.

This is a place of wonderful scenes
Where the Savior, Jesus, we’ll find
And this is the place where our faith surely leans,
On the other side of time.

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