Monday, June 2, 2014

The Chosen Word Laid Before Us

Psalm 119:30
Ronnie W. Wolfe

In our verse for today the psalmist says that he has chosen "the way of truth." The way of truth is found in Scripture, our Bible. It is found in no other writings on the earth.

In this "way of truth" there is:

  • Cleansing, verse 9
  • Rejoicing, verse 14
  • Understanding, verse 27
  • Running, verse 32
  • Teaching, verse 33
  • Quickening, verse 37
  • Refraining, verse 101
  • Hating of the false way, 104, 128  
The judgments of God (our Bible) are laid before the psalmist to remind him consistently of "the way of truth."

Let us lay before us the word of God so that we can be consistently reminded of his word, his truth, and his way, for we soon forget his precepts, his commandments, his statutes, if we do not lay them before us.

Priests of the tabernacle had God's precepts on their forehead and arm to remind them constantly of their duty to keep God's commandments.

Let us keep the Scriptures close to us physically that we may refer to them often, mentally, that we may use them as needed for our defense against the world, and spiritually that we may be strong in the work of the Lord and have his strength, which is also our comfort.

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