Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psalm 119:43

Ronnie W. Wolfe

This is not to say that God would actually take his word of truth out of our mouths, but the psalmist is expressing his true love and tender feeling toward the word of truth; and he pleads with God to leave the word of truth in his mouth.

Also, he is asking God, I think, to help him to remember his word even though he may grow old and have a tendency to forget God's word. These words are so sweet, so tender, to challenging, so comforting that he does not want them to leave him.

As time goes by, I tend to forget the parts of God's word that I have set to memory. Perhaps the psalmist is asking God to retain those portions that he has put to memory so that he can easily access the word in his mind.

The reason is that the psalmist has hoped, or has his hope, in the word of truth. There is hope nowhere else. It is the hope of our sanctification (John 17:17; Psalm 119:11). It is the hope of our continual perseverance, since tradition takes away that hope (Mark 7:13).

May God ever keep his word of truth in our mouths that we may publish it everywhere we go! May he bless it with his power and settle it in the hearts of believers for their assurance and their faithfulness to do God's will. 

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