Monday, September 8, 2014

Psalm 119:67

Keeping Thy Word
Ronnie W. Wolfe

There was a time, the psalmist says, when he was not afflicted. He enjoyed the tender, loving care of his God. He worried about nothing; his enemies were at bay; his heart was filled with worship and praise; he met with God in the sanctuary; he feared no man.

Before he was afflicted, while in the state of comfort and wealth, that is when he went astray. It is not when we are poor and undone, chased by our enemies, hated by our foes, and taunted by atheists that we are afflicted; it is while we are in the unworried, uncaring, nonchalant mood that we experience the affliction of God. That is when he went astray

But after our sin, God is faithful to chasten us. When we are quiet and unafraid and fear neither man nor God, that is when we sin, or go astray. Then comes the affliction of God. Then, after our sin, the affliction of God visits us.

When sin and affliction (or discipline) come, that is when we need to turn from our sin and keep the word of God. That is when we need to return, be revived, and stand again in our lot as soldiers of God, fight the good fight, war a good warfare, keep the faith.

Now is the time for us, having been relaxed in his comforting arms, held in his strong hand, and loved with his eternal love to turn from our sins as his children, having been afflicted for them, and keep God's word.

To keep God's word means to heed to it, to guard it from being misrepresented, to speak its truth and live its truth in our lives. It also means to observe it, to live by it, to trust it for our everyday walk and our dedication and thanksgiving to God.

Thy word, what a standard for our way!
Thy word, what refreshing every day!
Thy word, what amazing comfort giv'n.
Thy word, that shows the way to Heav'n.

Precious is thy word to me!
Strong is thy word to make me see!
Soft as felt, thy word to the touch!
I want and need thy word so much!
Ronnie W. Wolfe

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