Friday, September 19, 2014

Psalm 119:72

Great Than Silver And Gold
Ronnie W. Wolfe

Two of the most powerful and fearless men of the New Testament were Peter and John. They were effective in a unique way in the work of God in the church. As they went up (in Acts 3) to the temple to pray, they were confronted with a lame man from his mother's womb who asked them for alms (help). They answered him that they had NO silver and gold, but they had something that was much more precious.

In our text today we find that the law of God's mouth, the Scriptures, is of greater worth than thousands of silver and gold, yeah, than all the silver and gold that exists. These words of God are sweeter than honey (119:103); they give light (119:130); it has great wisdom (Prov. 23:9).

Ah, how sweet after a busy and sometimes confusing and tiring day to sit down, relax, reach for the Bible, open it to a passage, read the sweet and powerful words from a chapter and meditate on the word of God! What a lasting pleasure settles in our souls as we think upon God's word and learn from his clear message of grace and his encouragement to service!

Psalm 19:10-11 expresses to us that the judgments of God are true and righteous and more to be desired than fine gold, sweeter than the honey comb, and in keeping them there is great reward.

Can we with confidence hold fast in dedication to the word of God? Can we learn it? Can we apply it and work it out? Can we teach it to others that they may teach it still to others? This is our intent in life as children of God. Without the word of God, we would be as sheep without a Shepherd. But Christ is our Shepherd. He has atoned for our sins. He has paid the ransom, and we are free, free to study to show ourselves approved of God and to be workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly handling the word of God (2 Timothy 2:15).

Pick it up; read it through; write it down; work it out; speak it forth; hide it in; wait for the promise!

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