Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Psalm 119:128

Trusting God's Word
By Pastor Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe

Yes! Certainly, all of God's precepts concerning all things are right. Never should we be critics of God's word. Critical analysis has been given to God's word by many people, but most of these critics come to the word of God with the idea that it is wrong; then they pursue their critique with a preconceived idea that they must prove God's word wrong.

But as believers we come to God's word with the expectation that it is right, and when divided (handled) correctly, it will be found to be right in all things of which it speaks.

We can have confidence in the truth of God's word; therefore, we "hate every false way." We look down upon efforts of man to condemn the word of God and to try to destroy its effectiveness. Sadly, even among professed believers in Jesus Christ are some who question the validity and effectiveness of the word of God to do as it has promised to do. Therefore, we have many false religions in the world due to the private interpretation of many, depending upon mans' reason rather than God's inspiration.

False are the ways of the human mind
Until corrected by the Lord
Through divine intervention
And the study of God's word.

For the world produces a lesser knowledge
Than that of Scripture lines
And dares critique its revelation
With words of sundry kinds.

But God's word is pure
Standing on its own.
Let us read His word of truth
And trust its words alone.

Ronnie W. Wolfe - 12-31-2014

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