Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Psalm 119:133

Steps Ordered By The Word
By Pastor Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe

The word order here means to stabilize. It means to set one's steps on a solid foundation, an anvil, as it were. If our steps are not set on a solid foundation, then we can and will slip or turn from the straight path. The only way to stay on the right way is for our steps to be ordered by the word of God.

We are, of course, sanctified by God's word. His word is truth (John 17:17). We must read it, know it, understand it, labor in it, memorize it, follow it, and keep it close to our hearts that we might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11).

The psalmist prays that God will not allow iniquity to be his master, to rule him, to become its slave. Many are slaves to sin. It is the course of a believer's life to so be entrenched in the word of God that sin will remain at bay and have little effect upon his life.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. Our own sins can sting us with death as it is the culprit of death itself through the law, since no one can keep the law of God; but God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:57).

The world will gladly order our steps if we allow it; Satan certainly will. But our steps are to be ordered by the word of God so that sin can be shunned and so we can live a joyful life in the Lord in peace with God.

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