Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

By Ronnie W. Wolfe   January 19, 2015
For Funeral of: Larry Guance
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky - Gash Memorial Chapel

I came to the valley of the shadow of death,
And I feared as I came to it near.
I trembled when I thought of its eternal grasp,
Though I heard the instruction, “Don’t fear.”

As closer and closer I came to this place,
I desired that my life could just end;
But I thought of a verse in the Bible I read,
That Jesus would be my friend.

I took up this promise and trusted His way,
Relieved my heart of my fear,
And knew as I traveled this valley of death
That my friend would always be near.

So I calmly surrendered to God’s given grace
And let my soul fall in his arms,
Knowing, although the valley seems dark,
His strength would shield me from harms.

And then when I traveled the shadow of death,
The shadow would soon disappear.
I awoke in a place indescribable to man,
And the face of my Savior appeared.

Now in a place eternal in heavens
I dwell with no shadow at all,
My heart is at rest, my mind is now clear,
No sorrows will ever befall.

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