Friday, January 15, 2016

John 4:27-31

Dr. Ronnie Wolfe

"Why talkest thou with her?" (verse 27)

When the disciples came to the Lord, they were amazed that he was talking with this Samaritan woman, since they were not to have any dealings with them. This question "Why talkest thou with her?" is not answered at this time, but we are told that the woman went her way and told the men of the city about this man, who could be the Christ.  This is the very reason he spoke to her: he knew that she would go and tell everyone of himself.

She went and told the men about Jesus, and they, doubtful, came to see Jesus  for themselves. The supreme object of Jesus' work here was to bring men to himself through faith. Jesus was reaching into the arena of Gentile in order that the Jews might be a light unto the Gentiles, that it might be brought about that was later said, " . . . how he had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles (Acts 14:27).

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