Thursday, August 31, 2017

In These Times

Dr. Ronnie Wolfe — Funeral of Charles Havens
August 31, 2017

In these changing, troubled times
It seems no solid ground we find
In culture and in changing voices
Hard opinions, every kind.

In saddened hearts we often think
There is no rescue from our fear,
Then in these times we come to grasp
The Lord of lords is lingering near.

In these times of broken dreams
We often look with desperate care
To the call of human voices,
The sound of bad news everywhere.

But then our minds go simply searching
For a truth so solid standing,
Fear is settled, peace attained
Our eyes on Scripture firmly landing.

In these times the word of God
Is just as true as through the ages
Men have trusted its foundation
Thumbing through its sacred pages.

In these times when death is looming,
Come what may, we all must die;
But truth wins out with Christ our Savior,
And we shall meet Him in the sky.

Don’t let the times, you weary pilgrim,
Sadden minds and hearts so dear.
Trust His death and resurrection,
And your heart will know no fear.

For these times, though sadly ending
Meets with sadness in the heart,
We have joy in God’s real Heaven
Soul and body gone apart.

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