Thursday, August 31, 2017

Someone's Coming Home

Dr. Ronnie Wolfe — Funeral of Roy Stone
September 2, 2017

Anxious angels gather ‘round
In celestial meeting
Saints of ages make assembly
For the next abundant greeting.

Knowing surely God’s salvation
In divinest grace
Has prepared another human
For his coming to this place.

Voices praising, saints are singing
In single celebration,
Knowing that the Gospel story
Is for every nation.

Here comes one and then another
From earth’s tears alone.
Here comes Roy with ease a-flying
Someone’s coming home.

And once inside the welcomes come
From saints of every land.
Welcomed to eternal glory
There is no sinking sand.

So thank God for power of loosing
Gentle men to freedom giv’n.
Thank the Lord for Christ’s own life
To bring us then to Heaven.

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