Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Day After Christmas

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

Sunday was a wonderful day at First Baptist Church in Harrison, Ohio. We had a good attendance (even with several of our own members away), and some visitors came to make for a good fellowship together. The message on "Saved By Grace" sounded out to everyone there, and prayer is that someone was touched or challenged by it.

Sunday afternoon at 1:30 First Baptist Church had a second service. Many members were with family and did not come, but those of us who attended were blessed. The message on "The Ark Of The Covenant" was meant to challenge each one of us to realize that without the law of God there would be no grace of God. The law of God rested within this ark (box) of the covenant, and it reminded Israel that the law is always nearby God himself. That law must be kept, and we as sinners are not able or worthy through the law, but Christ kept the law for us and suffered and died on the cross to both reconcile us and be our propitiation (satisfaction) to God, doing that which was right, honorable, and worthy to God.

Through God's grace Christ's righteousness is imputed to us through faith in Jesus as our Savior. Now we are brought into a good position and fellowship with God. With a new birth, we honor God through our good works, which are wrought of God (Philippians 2:12-13).

Christmas day was a day at home with little to do, but I am always busy doing something. I invited my grandson, Eric Wolfe, to come to the house to help me in taking some pictures of myself. He is a good photographer. After he took a few pictures of me, then I took a few of him. We both selected one to be our "official" picture for 2018. Eric stayed nearly the rest of the day. I think he left around 9:00 PM.

Today is the day after Christmas, and I am here in the office deciding (after I write this blog) which article of work has first priority. I suppose I will work on my message for Wednesday evening. I have already read several chapters in the Bible this morning, so that is done; but I will, I am sure, be gazing into them again and again throughout today.

I am thinking about New Years resolutions, but I cannot think of anything that I have not already resolved and then broken; so maybe I will not make any resolutions except perhaps to try to do better in everything that I do and to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18.

Have a good, wonderful, prosperous day that glorifies the name of God and his Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

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