Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Uncle Bernie Wolfe

Burnie (Bernie) Wolfe was born July 26, 1890. He died August 15, 1951. His wife's name was Myrtle (Sorrell) Wolfe. This is their wedding picture. I do not have a date for their wedding or of Myrtle's birth and death. 
 They were married at Bethel Church in Pendleton County, Kentucky. This building is no longer standing due to a storm that came through and demolished it. I am happy to have this picture. There is an interesting story behind that church.

Burnie Wolfe was not only married at this church, but he also preached at this church at times. My cousin told me that her parents and some others of the family went there to hear Burnie preach when she was just a small girl. Someone told me that Burnie was known as "the crying preacher." He was a Baptist preacher.

 Burnie Wolfe pastored several churches, including Turner Ridge Baptist Church in Pendleton County, Kentucky. He was pastoring Wood Mission in Latonia, Kentucky, when, at the age of 65, he suffered a heart attack and died. Burnie Wolfe was my father's oldest brother, son of Ben A. Wolfe and Pheba (Larkin) Wolfe.

This is Burnie Wolfe's obituary, which was printed in the newspaper.

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