Saturday, September 14, 2019

Meeting Together

Ronnie W. Wolfe – September 12, 2019

We meet on the shores of borrowed time
There to keep our souls in line
With the word of God with its ancient glow
To help our yearning hearts to grow.

Assembled with loved ones all aflame
With Gospel truth through Jesus’ name
With joy we sing the songs of Zion
And worship true the royal Lion.

The church of God will never fail,
Through generations weak and frail;
But with God’s purpose well in hand,
He keeps his watch across the land.

Assemblies true to God’s own word,
We preach the message greatest heard,
Knowing well we have the power,
Proclaiming truth from hour to hour.

The Spirit gave to his congregation
Approval for this dispensation,
For time until the Lord shall come
To do his work and take us home.

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