Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Monday was a pretty busy day with answering e-mails and perusing snail mail at the church office. I called Med Mart to get things started concerning the elevator lift we want to put in the church. They will look at our file and get back with me soon, I hope. Then I studied for my evening class at Antioch Baptist College.

I went to school last night to teach my class on the Life of Christ, but I had only one student; so I dismissed class and came home. I worked on helping my son build a web site for himself and for the church he attends.

I watched The "Secret Garden" on TVLand last night until 12:00 PM.

Tuesday has begun, and I have already answered my e-mail for the morning. I have eaten breakfast and am now updating this blog. I will go to visit Alta Spaw in Mercy South Hospital this morning and also Bro. Jim Teague in the nursing home. Then after eating some lunch I will probably come home and work on my message for Wednesday evening from John Chapter 11. This is a good chapter about Lazarus' being raised from the dead.

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