Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prayer Updates

Bob Jones, as friends in India go to the capitol to see if they can clear him from his block L.O.C. list. They will meet with the officials. Pray that they will be able to get this cleared up.

Katie Hugan had an EEG today, and something is showing up on her brain. They must do an MRI as soon as possible. She has braces on her teeth, and this is a problem. They are calling in an orthodontist to remove the braces so she can have the MRI. She is taking medicine for her seizures. Katie will be spending the night in the hospital. She really needs our prayers.


This has been an unusual day. I stayed in the house most of the day and worked on web sites, blogs and studies. I had my three grandsons this afternoon for a couple of hours. This evening I am sitting here with my two granddaughters. Their parents are gone out to eat. I will put them to bed soon, and I will get "unbusy" for a while and either read or watch a cowboy movie on the Western Channel on Direct TV.

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