Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Wrote The Book of Hebrews?

I would like for you to click the "comment" below this blog and let me know who you think wrote the book of Hebrews. Just write one answer, one of the following:

Priscilla & Aqula
None of the Above
Or write someone else's name

If you can, give a reason why you think a certain person wrote the book of Hebrews. Thanks.

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Inparson1616@aol.com said...

I will not argue the point with no one; I simply Paul wrote it. We will all fine out for sure who wrote it when we step just inside of GLory and receive our perfect minds. Does it really make a difference who penned it down; as long as all of us christians be-God actually wrote it. Whether Paul and one of the other names you mentioned wrote it; we will not sit any closer to Jesus because we know or don't know who. Will be wiser, smarter. or dumber than the next guy if the Lord told us who wrote it? It is the confining of others we all have a very small or a very large problem with. God knows who penned it down, HE actually wrote it. I don't remember was GOD one of my choices on your list? Thanks for asking. I said all that to say this: What difference does it make? If we believe the Bible; it is part of the Bible isn't it? Comments by Bro. Jim Johnson, Evansville, IN.