Wednesday, March 7, 2007

In God We Trust On New Coin

We love having "In God We Trust" on our money, don't we. Some have begun to say that it is not on the new dollar coins that are being minted by the Federal Government. But this is not true. It is just hidden on the edge of the coin out of plain sight.

You don't like that, and I don't like that; but maybe, just maybe, it reflects where our real trust in God is. We trusted him when the twin towers came down. We trusted him and prayed to him when we lost our job or when our child was sick or when mother was dying. We trusted him when we lost our job and needed money to live on.

But when things are going well, and times are prosperous and especially luxurious, we don't trust him much. We stay home from church; we don't read our Bibles; we do not pray; we do not witness; and we take just about everything for granted, thinking that God will be there the next time we have a real problem.

Until we learn to love and trust the Lord every day, why should we want to display his name in an apparent position on the front of our money. Maybe we should have it hidden on all of our money. What do you think?

I am saying this a little tongue-in-cheek, but I hope you get my drift!

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Bob & Sandra's Place said...

It reminds me of the thought that many folks claim Him on Sunday, but not out among the world Monday through Saturday.
Good thought Bro. Wolfe. Oh, may we not be ashamed of our Lord and really mean it when we say, "In God I Trust!"
Bro. Hugan
P.S. Thanks for the blogger info!