Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dark Is The Valley

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe - April 24, 2007

Dark is the valley
That lies o’er hills and plains.
Its memory darkens
The one o’er whom it reigns.

Deep is the valley
Where dread and fear abound,
This is the valley
Where screams and cries are found.

And in this valley
Men of sin are wont to stay,
For to this valley
They sank so far away.

That lonesome valley
Where no friends are near;
Inside that valley
No escape from lonely fear.

From that valley
The saints have turned away
By God’s grace
Safe from it they stay.

To a mountain
One day they will arrive
From death taken
And made to be alive.

In that mountain
A Savior waits to greet
Each waiting saint
Who stands upon his feet

Looking at Him
With expectant voices cheer
And shout aloud
The joys of being here.

Alas! My friend
The valley waits for you
Who do not turn
And trust the One who’s true.

As you faint
From every doubt and fear,
Rise and stand
Believing He is near.

Trust His blood
And all His work divine.
Hear His words
“Dear sinner, come and dine.”

In that valley
The Devil’s hand will stay,
From that valley
You’ll come without delay.

In the mountain
You will forever dwell,
And you will know
Your soul is saved from Hell.

Oh the mountain
That drips with honey sweet!
Your home forever
To bow at Jesus’ feet.

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