Saturday, April 14, 2007

When Your Mind Slips

 By Ronnie Wolfe - April 13, 2007 (Friday)

What do you do when your mind slips
And goes completely out of gear,
And you make a snap decision
That makes you want to kick your rear?

You send a senseless e-mail
To your friends without a thought
Forgetting all the protocol
That you ever have been taught.

You’d think that I’d be sorry,
Put my head down in my hand
And weep and sob and send repentance
All across the land.

But, no, I found that it’s so plain
To see upon this sin
That when I err in this plain way
E-mails keep coming in.

Now if you want the e-mails
To flood your inbox screen,
Just send a hoaxful e-mail
And you’ll see what I mean.

Some folks I haven’t heard from
In many months and days,
And I have tried to prod them
In, oh, so many ways.

But then they get the e-mail hoax,
And their keyboard lights right up,
And their fingers get so active,
Can’t wait to fix it up.

I should really be ashamed
For the way that I am feeling,
But if I printed every e-mail,
They would reach clear to the ceiling.

The next time I receive a hoax,
And know it isn’t true,
I may just take a little chance
And send it on to you.

That way I’ll hear from time to time
From friends I know are mine
But never send an e-mail here
‘Til a hoax gets on the line.

I’m only kidding, that you know,
My intentions very true,
But keep your eyes alert to hoaxes;
I may send one to you.

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