Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reading Your Bible

Pastor Ronnie Wolfe

Read Your Bible Thoroughly
  Do not read the Bible in sections, but read it through and through. One part of the Bible is as important as another. This takes consistency, doing it every day. Mrs. Lovins told me at her house the other day concerning her quilting that, if you don't do it every day, you will never get it done. That is also true with your Bible reading.

Read Your Bible Thoughtfully
  As you read your Bible, think! Take your time; you have the rest of your life to read the Bible. Read and consider what the Bible says. The word of God must take effect in your life, and it can do that only if you will consider thoughtfully what you are reading and how that affects your life.

Read Your Bible Thankfully
  Approach the Bible with deep reverence and love. Revere the Bible, as it is God's word, not man's. Approach it with humility, knowing that it is above any other book on this earth. Then bow in humble thankfulness for what God has done through his word, for it was the word of the Gospel that brought salvation to us. Jesus Christ is the subject of the Bible, and we should be continually thankful for him and his work.

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